SNAG Clinics

Saturdays: Currently Unavailable
Sundays: Currently Unavailable
Cost: $20/session
Ages: 5-7

Our “SNAG Clinics” are offered for ages 5 to 7 years old. If the junior has never played golf before it is a great way to get started.  We will have the kids putting, chipping, and swinging in no time.

SNAG (Starting New At Golf) has offered up a curriculum that is hard to beat. The clinics will run along side our “Beginner Clinics” with a maximum class size of (4) students.  We will teach the kids the proper way to grip and swing the club.  They also learn the patience necessary to play the game of golf.

We ask that all of our beginners start at this point until the instructional staff feels they are ready for the “Beginner Clinics.”


Beginner Clinics

Saturdays: (2:30 pm to 4 pm)
Sundays: (10:30 am to 12 pm)
Cost: $20/session or $96/month
Ages: 7-12

We can accommodate a large group clinic by adding an instructor to keep our ratio at 8:1.  The clinics are based on a monthly curriculum that covers everything from putting, shortgame, and full swing to fitness, rules, and etiquette.

The kids will learn the swing basics such as grip, stance, posture, and ball position.  They will also learn the proper way to chip and putt the golf ball. We will have them practicing short game shots like the bump and run and send them home with drills to practice their long and short putting.  The juniors also have a great time competing for prizes and our student awards recognize the future stars of our program.  The putting green is a great place to learn a lot of the etiquette that goes along with golf as well.

We charge either an $96 monthly fee or a $20 one time clinic fee.  With 8 possible clinics per month, the fees can get as low as $10 per clinic.  Instruction taught by certified PGA Professionals at the price of a bucket of golf balls.


Playing Outings

Monday through Thursday: (after 3pm)
Cost: $20/session
Ages: 7-12

The on course “Playing Outing” is an option when the kids get their skills in order and are ready to start playing golf on the course.  The cost of each outing is $20. In addition to the clinic fee, the student must have an updated resident ID card ($25 per year) and a monthly play pass ($10.50 per month).  These are both required by the City of San Diego to access the golf course.

The outings are scheduled with an individual instructor and happen after 3 pm Monday through Thursday.  We will put the juniors in situations out on the golf course and teach them the proper way to play from these situations.  There will be 4 students per group, and we try to group the kids by age and skill level.