CVMS Bobcats and PTMS Wolfpack

                                                   CVMS Bobcats & PTMS Wolfpack

                                                    Practice & Match Schedule 2016

Date             Event                                                   Location                 Time            Results
9.28.15        CVMS & PTMS (Practice)               TP Range                4:00pm

10.3.16        CVMS Black & PTMS Green           TP South                 4:00pm
10.5.16        CVMS Black vs Oak Crest                Encinitas Ranch    3:36pm  CVMS (184-255)
10.5.16        PTMS Blue (Practice)                       TP Range                3:30pm
10.6.16        Diegueno vs PTMS Green                TP South                4:00pm PTMS (204-205)
10.6.16        CVMS White & Green (Practice)    TP South                4:00pm

10.10.16       Oak Crest v PTMS Green                  TP South               4:00pm PTMS (203-262)
10.10.16       CVMS White & Green (Practice)     TP South               4:00pm
10.11.16        PTMS Green (Practice)                     TP Range               3:00pm
10.11.16        CVW(+57) v CVG(+94) v PTB(+64) TP South               3:30pm CVMS White
10.12.16       Oak Crest vs CVMS Black                 TP South               4:00pm CVMS (212-295)
10.13.16       CVMS Black vs Diegueno                 Encinitas Ranch   3:45pm CVMS (202-212)

10.17.16        CVMS White v CVMS Green            TP South                4:00pm White (270-275)
10.17.16        CVMS Black (Practice)                      TP South                4:30pm
10.18.16        PTMS Blue (Practice)                        TP Range               3:00pm
10.18.16        CVMS Black vs PTMS Green           TP South                4:00pm CVMS (199-209)
10.19.16         PTMS Blue v CVMS Green              TP South                 4:00pm PTB (253-263)
10.19.16         CVMS Black vs RSF                          RSF CC*                  3:30pm CVMS (198-250)
10.20.16        PTMS Green vs Diegueno                Encinitas Ranch    3:45pm Diegueno (198-201)
10.20.16        CVMS White v PTMS Blue               TP South                4:00pm CVW (255-262)

10.24.16         RSF v CVMS Black v PTMS Green  TP South               3:30pm CV (201) PT (201) RSF (260)
10.25.16         CVMS Black (Practice)                      TP Range               3:30pm
10.25.16         PTMS Green (Practice)                      TP Range              3:30pm
10.25.16         CVMS White (Practice)                      TP Range              4:30pm
10.25.16         PTMS Blue (Practice)                         TP Range              4:30pm
10.25.16         CVMS Green (Practice)                     TP Range               5:30pm
10.26.16         CVW v CVG v PTB                              Mission Bay GC    4:00pm (Postponed to 11/1)
10.27.16          CVMS Black v Diegueno                   Encinitas Ranch   3:45pm CVMS (187-192)

11/1 – 11/3          Play Offs T.B.A.

                              *When you are playing at RSF, please meet on the putting green.
Please do not use the driving range.

CVMS Qualifying Results
T. Tian +3
R. Plodkowski +3
V. Ho +4
D. Karam +6
M. Mehran +6
M. Seo +6
J. Kim +7
T. Kowack +8
B. Burnett +9
L. Xu +9
M. Kaplan +9
A. Amen +11
W. Kim +12
L. Bush +12
D. Stone +14
C. McAllister +14
K. Mao +15
M. Salus +15
C. Brown +15
D. Wang +15
J. Walker n/a
M. Nordstrom n/a

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